Give the gift of awesomeness with an Escape Room or VR experience from Mysterium!

When you click to buy a gift card, you will have the option to choose a gift card with the value of 2 or 4 Escape Room tickets or VR experiences – or you can enter any value you want on the section at the bottom and let them figure out what to spend it on!

Once your selection is made, you will be able to add your recipient’s name and phone number as well as your own, and you will have the ability to email the gift directly to your recipient, or to yourself where you may choose to email it later or print it out to hand it to them.

The value of this gift card will not expire, and the recipient of the gift may use the gift card’s value towards any of our bookable experiences. Please be aware that there will be a 3% booking fee added to your checkout price that will not be included on the gift card.

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